Captain America and Families

Captain America supporting the rights of Families

Captain America standing with moms, dads and children supporting the rights of families.

Dad and son protesting

Kids need, want and deserve both parents

The Best Interest of The Child is BOTH parents.

Superhero Moms and Dads

Moms and Dads standing together

Moms and Dads know what is in the best interest of their child not some judge or law guardian. Wake up America.

Superhero Parents

Superhero Parents

Every parent is a superhero in the eyes of their children.

Dad Protesting in front of police car

Kids Need both parents

When are you going to start standing up for yourself and the right of your kids to have both parents?

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Welcome to Fathers and Families New York, Inc. (FaFNY)
The Coalition of Fathers and Families NY

We are active in New York striving for Equality and assuring Parental Rights. We partner with many national organizations and are their 'boots on the ground' in New York State.

We invite you to join us in our fight for liberty for the American family and equal and equitable rights for fathers, mothers and their children.